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UK Fox Hunting

The red fox, Latin Species name: Vulpes vulpes, is the normal prey animal of a fox hunt in the United Kingdom.

The red fox is a small omnivorous predator, considered as vermin by many farmers and landowners, and which causes damage and loss to farmers and small animal owners through predation and scavenging.

The red fox, when hunted, is coerced out of hiding places, generally known as coverts, pronounced "covers", for the foxhounds to chase.

There are many colloquial names for the fox, and the red fox in the UK is also variously known as a Tod, Reynard or Charlie.

The red fox, Vulpes vulpes, has a worldwide distribution in the Northern Hemisphere, across Asia, Europe and North America.

In the United Kingdom, there is no rabies in the indigent fox population leading to much higher number of foxes than on the continentand other areas of the world.